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All of our coffee is roasted in Spearfish, SD in small batches to ensure quality, consistency, and freshness. We work with importers to source coffees from all around the world including Central America, South America, Africa, and Southeast Asia. This allows us to highlight the unique characteristics of that coffee and growing region where it was produced. We love to showcase the unique sweetness, acidity, aroma, and body of each of the coffee beans we roast.

There are many benefits to roasting in small batches:

  • We support the economies of the countries we buy the beans from
  • Our coffee never sits in a warehouse, on a truck, or on a shelf for extended periods of time
  • We are able to deliver terrific quality and unique coffees typically unheard of in convenience stores

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Grady's Blend - 1 Pound Bag

Grady's Blend is our signature house blend, a medium roast designed to be enjoyed anytime of the day. A classic cup of coffee.


Nicaragua - 1 Pound Bag

A dark roasted coffee without the heavy bitter overtones. Full bodied flavor.


Colombia - 1 Pound Bag

Medium roast with rich flavor, delicate sweetness and a refreshing acidity.


Guatemala - 1 Pound Bag

Medium roast, sweet, nutty.


Ethiopia Yirgacheffe - 1 Pound Bag

A bright, tea-like body, notes of lemongrass, a lighter roast.


Ethiopia Gedeb - 1 Pound Bag

Natural processed, stone fruit, juicy, chocolate, medium roast.


Costa Rica - 1 Pound Bag

Light body, honey gram cracker, medium roast.


Tanzania - 1 Pound Bag

Heavy body, tangerine sweetness, medium roast.


Sumatra - 1 Pound Bag

A smooth mouthfeel, rich, earthy, a medium-dark roast with little acidity.


Highlander Grogg - 1 Pound Bag

A flavored coffee with vanilla, hazelnut and butterscotch.


Espresso Blend - 1 Pound Bag

A rich, complex, full bodied blend that works great as espresso or as a brewed coffee. Medium-Dark roast.


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